Terms and Conditions

Engagement Terms and Conditions Simplified

1. Getting Started

  • Work begins when you sign our Statement of Work and pay an initial fee.
  • Additional charges for daily rates, travel, and expenses are separate (details in the EXPENSES section), if applicable.
  • We’ll bill you according to the payment schedule.
  • Changes to the project may affect costs.

2. Our Role

  • We provide services described in the Statement of Work (SOW).
  • If project details change, we’ll discuss adjustments to scope and cost.
  • We depend on you for timely information. We assume info you provide is complete and accurate unless you tell us otherwise.
  • Any extra expenses will be charged to you.
  • If you end the project after it starts, you’ll be billed for completed work, minus the non-refundable initiation fee.
  • We’re not responsible for delays or problems beyond our control.

3. Payments

  • You must pay our invoices within terms agreed upon.
  • Our SOW doesn’t cover external specialists’ expenses unless specified.
  • We’ll discuss specialist involvement and costs with you.

4. Ownership

  • Your materials stay yours. We may use your project success for our marketing and promotions once your project is commercialized and in the public domain.
  • You can revoke our use of your materials at any time.
  • We own materials we create, except for your materials.
  • You get ownership rights in project deliverables once you’ve paid for our services.

5. Confidentiality

  • We’ll protect each other’s confidential information and use it only for this project.

Final Note: These terms are a summary. The actual terms and conditions in each Statement of Work take precedence