Leverage Our Manufacturing Expertise

The Helmsman Group serves clients with our full-scale pilot plant as a full-service agency dedicated to CPG innovation. When you utilize our pilot plant service, you draw on our experience across commercialization, strategic planning, and product development. With our deep experience with operations and network of potential partners, we can steward you through the pilot plant process to the total production of your product.

Supporting CPG Excellence Through Our Pilot Plant

With deep experience in developing a variety of CPG products, our pilot plant can support a variety of products and processes, including:

  • Bars
  • Chocolate products
  • Hot Fill Beverages, Sauces, Dressings, and Condiments
  • Aseptic Beverages with inclusion of up to 5 mm
  • Non-Alcoholic and Alcoholic Carbonated Beverages
  • Plant-Based Meat Substitutes
  • Vegetable products
  • Spray Drying
  • Concentration
  • Baking
  • Rotary Mould Cookies and Biscuits
  • Laminated Crackers

Whatever product idea you are developing and need a pilot plant for, The Helmsman Group can steward you through the process with our versatile capabilities.

Access Our Manufacturer and Supplier Network

With access to a contract manufacturer network of 10k+ worldwide and a supplier network of 30k+ ingredients, our expert team can ensure your commercialization process runs smoothly. The Helmsman Group has placed over $2 billion in innovation into commerce, so we can help ensure the viability and strength of your product.

Experience with Global Innovation and Technology

Working with CPG companies all around the world, we can offer full regulatory compliance in multiple markets, including:

  • US FDA
  • USDA
  • CFIA
  • Secondary Markets Subscribing to CODEX
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Japan
  • Korea

In addition, with access to our sister company, REGU18, you have access to technology innovation to develop the best possible product.

Utilize Our Test Market

Besides our Pilot Plant, brands that work with The Helmsman Group have access to our test market to get critical feedback on your product. Our test market is with regional, small banner retailers in various channels.

Delivering Dynamic Solutions

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From Magic Spoon to Miss Jones Baking Co., Ruckus and Co to Eon Longevity, we’ve worked with countless brands to create products people love

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