When Magic Spoon needed more nostalgic flavors to serve its subscription-based model, The Helmsman Group was able to develop several seasonal flavors to thrill Magic Spoon’s audience. As a result of our working relationship, we optimized their ability to create new and exciting flavors by reworking their sweetening agent and developing 16 different flavor profiles.

The Challenge

After a successful launch, Magic Spoon turned to The Helmsman Group for assistance in developing limited flavor profiles to push with their subscription program in conjunction with marketing. These limited-time seasonal cereals included flavors like Strawberry for Spring and Peaches and Cream for Summer. With the success of these limited-edition cereals, Magic Spoon wanted to improve their core flavors, while maintaining the nostalgic feel. Later in the process, Magic Spoon also needed assistance scaling and commercializing this new process.

Magic Spoon

By fully immersing ourselves in the brand essence and fully partnering with the bland, we were able to start developing a tasty, stable suite of flavors in a low-carb cereal packed with protein and filled with nostalgic flavor.

By innovating on the process and existing ingredients, we delivered the sweet, from-childhood taste in a low carb, high protein product.

Our Solution

Because the sweeteners of Magic Spoon’s existing line had an “off taste,” The Helmsman Group needed a reformulation to improve the sweetener. As a part of this process and keeping the subscription-based model in mind, we also developed 16 nostalgic ready-to-eat cereal flavor profiles.

By starting with Magic Spoon’s core flavors, we focused on reducing off-flavors in the existing flavor system and working to improve shelf stability. We designed a parent-child configuration for the flavor system while optimizing the functional aspects of the coating system. This improved color saturation, created multi-color formats, and produced multi-use base flavors for multiple SKU offerings.

This new solution gave Magic Spoon clear formula ownership rights by developing patentable Intellectual Property for the brand. With this new formulation, Magic Spoon also needed assistance scaling and commercializing the product. Acting as a CPG advisor and a product developer, we were able to help them secure another manufacturer that could produce their new formula and meet increased demand.

Final Results

By creating this suite of flavors and building more profound stability in the formulation of Magic Spoon cereal, the brand won Time Magazine’s Best Invention of 2021. In addition, the top line for the brand increased by a 20x factor. The brand also raised $85 Million in investments, which is largely unprecedented in the CPG industry.

By fully partnering with Magic Spoon and honoring their brand essence, we were able to help them produce a consistent, quality, and award-winning product.

Wrapping Things Up

Working with Magic Spoon, we strengthened the brand’s formulation for a higher quality product and produced a stable, nostalgic-inspired taste. By innovating on the process and existing ingredients, we delivered the sweet, from-childhood taste, in a low carb, high protein product. In addition, by fully partnering with the brand in their creative process, we could elevate the product to a new level while supporting the brand’s ethos.


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