The Challenge

Olivia Rodrigo, in collaboration with Interscope Records, Geffen Records and Universal Music Group, requested that we develop and launch a custom Ready-to-Eat Cereal in conjunction with the GUTS! Record release. We were given 6 weeks to design, develop, source, produce and package. a Minimum Viable Product worthy of a platinum recording artist’s record release.

Our Solution

Facing an ultra-tight deadline of just five weeks, we swiftly selected a die line for graphics, opting for a cereal format Olivia loved. We submitted analog samples for flavor approval and launched into technical development. Our team designed extruder configurations for texture and adapted them for density changes from the coating.

Final Results

Overcoming significant logistical challenges, we orchestrated a seamless multi-co-packer solution spanning packaging, production, bagging, and final assembly. In less than six weeks, we transformed the concept into reality. The product achieved an unprecedented fan rating of 11 out of 10, setting a new benchmark for success!

Wrapping Things Up

Services Provided: Our journey with Olivia was short and sweet – but highly successful:

  • Custom Cereal Design: Tailoring unique cereal concepts to align with Olivia Rodrigo’s brand.
  • Packaging Design: Creating visually captivating and functional packaging to highlight Olivia O’s cereal.
  • Flavor Sample Development and Approval: Crafting flavor samples and obtaining approval to ensure they match Olivia Rodrigo’s preferences.
  • Technical Development, including Extruder Configurations: Managing the technical aspects of product development, and optimizing texture and quality.
  • Production Management: Overseeing the entire production process to meet Olivia Rodrigo’s high standards and tight deadlines.
  • Multiple International Distribution Points: Establishing distribution networks across multiple international locations to ensure the global availability of Olivia O’s cereal.
  • Rapid Project Turnaround (Less than Six Weeks): Delivering exceptional results swiftly and efficiently to coincide with the record release event.


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