The Challenge

Local Hive Honey, a trailblazing brand, embarked on a mission to introduce a groundbreaking category: Hot Sauce Honey. With a vision to pioneer this unexplored territory, they approached us armed with initial consumer research and ideas. Their challenge? To collaboratively innovate and craft a new product that seamlessly merged the sweet allure of honey with the fiery excitement of hot sauces. They sought to create a collection of expressions that would resonate with regional consumers, incorporating diverse chili varieties and local honey profiles. Amidst this innovation, the task remained to ensure that the product could be produced economically even at more modest minimum order quantities.

Our Solution

In the face of this exciting challenge, our approach was guided by creativity, collaboration, and a deep understanding of culinary dynamics. We began by absorbing Local Hive Honey’s consumer research, translating insights into a tangible vision. Working hand-in-hand, we harnessed our culinary expertise to conceptualize six distinct expressions, each an embodiment of the fusion between local chilies and honey. To ensure authenticity, we collaborated closely with Whole Foods, refining heat profiles and concepts that captured the essence of different regions.

Final Results

The fruits of our collaborative endeavor exceeded expectations. We catalyzed the creation of a revolutionary category: Hot Sauce Honey. The six expressions were a triumphant blend of honey’s natural sweetness and the bold, invigorating heat of local chilies. Each bottle told a story of regional authenticity and flavor, captivating the hearts and palates of consumers across different areas. This innovative range stood as a testament to Local Hive Honey’s commitment to delivering products that both satisfy and surprise.

Wrapping Things Up

Services Provided: Our partnership with Local Hive Honey spanned a spectrum of services, tailored to bring this pioneering category to life:

  • Conceptualization: We transformed concepts into tangible expressions, shaping the product’s identity and purpose.
  • Culinary Development: Our culinary experts infused their expertise into crafting harmonious flavor profiles that celebrated the synergy of honey and chilies.
  • Development of a Heat Standard (Scoville): We established a standardized measure of heat, ensuring consistency and predictability across the expressions.
  • Technical Applications Research: We delved into the technical intricacies, optimizing the infusion process to achieve the perfect balance of flavors.
  • Product Development: From initial sketches to refined formulations, we guided the product’s evolution at every step.
  • Co-Man Sourcing: We collaborated with trusted co-manufacturers to ensure seamless production that met quality and quantity requirements.
  • Commercialization: Our strategic approach ensured a successful market entry, aligning the product with consumer preferences.
  • Product Quality and Food Safety: We upheld the highest standards, ensuring the product’s quality, safety, and consumer trust.

Cost Optimization: Balancing innovation with practicality, we optimized production costs to maintain economic feasibility.


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